Second Chance Clown

Hope is all she has at the moment

For she gave love a second chance.

The stars influence comment

And she sees herself dance.

Although, there lingers a question

Is it worth the pain?

The Heart had a stormy session

With the brain:

And decided what is life without a heartache.

The uncertainty chose to wait around.

The doubt kept her awake

In the end, she preferred her second chance clown.


Scene, unseen

Recently I have been seeing a lot of Indian movies. It is not a surprise, as I am big movie buff. Movies are as such make-believe, but I think there should be some logic inside the bigger illogical setup. Some of these elements with their irrationality just make your brain explode.

Have you ever watched a scene where the protagonist is not all that respected or doesn’t have enough money to survive? But with hard work for five minutes, he becomes a highly respected wealthy person. Sometimes these sequences are pictured through songs like in the case of the movie ‘Suryavamsam’. At the beginning of the song, they live in a small house with a very meager income, but by the end of the song, the hero becomes the owner of a bus transport company and his wife becomes a collector. All this happens so fast, that I don’t even get to finish my juice. Imagine how rich all of us would be if all this happened in real life.

The next thing I noticed was the fight scenes. How do these people fight in public place with so many people watching and also the things they break, aren’t they supposed to pay? I have not seen any fights in real life. I don’t see people flying and kicking people on their face. Some stunts defy the laws of physics and also logic. I saw one video where a banana kills a man. Who even writes these situations? I get that cinemas can be exaggerating but not this much. Another possible scene could be of a hero jumping from 11th floor and not getting hurt, by hurt I mean not even a small scratch. I am all for some ass-kicking stunts, but all I want is for them to be somewhat believable.

The next one that caught my attention was songs. I like movies with good songs. I sing along and maybe dance occasionally when no one is around. Some of them are beautifully choreographed and some are downright hilarious. When you see the music videos where they dance in a rainy environment, I wonder how these people dance on the wet ground. I for one am a clumsy person. Put me on a wet ground and you will get yourself a YouTube video captioned “women trying to skate” and we all know I wasn’t trying to skate. When the hero falls in love with the heroine, a song occurs where the hero describes about the girl and his feelings toward the girl. We all know what the girl does; she walks or tries to look cute. Imagine this scenario in real life where a guy follows you around and sings a song, you are just going to pepper spray all over his face because it is nothing but creepy.

This too straight up irks me: Stereotypes. In every Bollywood movie, we south Indians are collectively called as ‘Madrasis’. I am a south Indian girl specifically a Tamilian. So, I can say we don’t call anyone Madrasi . They portray us wearing a saree or a half-saree. That to me is offensive. To top it all they don’t even know how to wear one. They cannot save their lives by wearing one. Most of us have seen the movie ‘Chennai Express’. I can assure you that no one walks around the city wearing a half saree especially worn like that. We south Indians do not eat curd with everything or idli sambar. If you have seen the movie the Ra.One, you would know exactly what I am talking about. Sharukh Khan eats Maggi with curd. I can with certainty say we NEVER do that.

The final one is emotional scenes. Can any of you relate to me when I say I laugh at inappropriate times or when someone is crying or when an emotional scene is going on the TV and I’m supposed to be shedding tears? Is it just me? I am not going to deny that I do not cry during an intense emotional scene like the final hug between Darsheel and Aamir Khan in the movie Taare Zameen Par. But some scenes make me laugh so hard like in the movie ‘Suryavamsam’ where too many ‘Lalalalalalalalalalas’ make it mawkish. But definitely a movie is incomplete without having a sentimental scene.

These are just a few common segments that get my goat. But when you think about these portions, these are the key elements for a movie to be successful. When these are executed properly, then you have gotten yourself a box-office hit. People love a movie with a mixture of all these. This is my way of saying I love a good movie especially with a tub of popcorn.



Students classified!

College life is an exciting part of the life where all of us get to do new things and meet new people. This is perhaps the final stages of enjoyment before we actually start behaving like an adult. Right now, I am in my college and enjoying the change of ambience and meeting  lots of new people. One thing I learned is that, there are so many different kinds of people. Some you would like to be friends with, some you would like to be around or chill with, and some just smack them right on their faces. Here are the following sets of people whom we encounter in our college life.

The Goody Two Shoes: These are the type of students that almost every class have. They are the teacher’s pet. They do everything that the teachers ask them to without fail. These people are tolerable until they remind them about homework or any test. That is when we start cursing them and feel like pushing them from the top of the building. Eventually we shut our mouth and do the work the teachers give or rebel.

The Mask: These are the most annoying and least favourite category of people. They change their characters depending upon the situations. It’s like they are wearing a mask or changing one frequently. Who knows what lies underneath that mask, what sort of a person he/she is, coz we have never seen them without it. They are fake overall and cannot be relied upon.

The Wreck: These are the kind of people that are always a wreck. They are emotionally weak and they cry for no reason. We feel sorry for them at the beginning, but later on, it feels like watching a soap opera every time we talk to them. After a point of time, that person becomes the butt of the jokes and their tears continue to flow because they get teased. Conversations with them over phone are hard because all you hear is them crying mixed with words. Eventually we get tired of their drama and distance ourselves from them.

The Barbie Doll: As the name goes, these are the people who wear too much makeup to college. All they care about are their looks. Normal people generally carry bags to school, these kids carry handbag with a makeup kit in it rather than books and stationary items. We know they are coming to the class just by the noise made by the heels they wear. These girls do have good fashion sense, but this is not the place to showcase it plus it makes us look lazy as we don’t put that much effort into looking good.

The Human: These are the normal set of people. They have equal amount of fun and study at the same time. They know how to balance both fun time and study time. These are the general kind of people in a college. They do not bore people easily and are very friendly. These are the ideal set of people to hang out with.

The Boozy: These people have no idea on what is going on in the class. They are always late because of obvious reasons and are always as high as a kite. These are the kind of people whose sole reason to come to college is , attendance. We generally tend to stay away from these kinds of people.


These are just the few kind we meet in college at least I have. In conclusion, college is where there are no limits on getting acquainted with new people. Overall we should be able to have fun and enjoy as much as possible. Once we graduate, I’m pretty sure we will miss all this and look back at this and smile or laugh.



An Epiphany

Today I was binge watching as I had a couple of days off from my daily tiring college routine. When I was watching this particular movie, I had this sudden realization that I had no idea on what I was doing with my life or what my future plans were. When I was pondering about this, another realization struck me. I am not particularly fond of what I am studying right now and I have always wanted to become a writer just like my dad, but did nothing towards becoming one. Overall I did nothing useful or I wasn’t even working towards my passion. This is when I decided that I had to do something and following were the things I did after my epiphany.

Firstly, I continued with my movie marathon. I had too many movies to watch with too little time. Secondly, I was lying on my bed thinking what to do about this as lying and thinking is better than actually working towards it, well at least that’s what I thought. Finally I called up my friend to whine about everything. Unfortunately it backfired as he told me what he was going do to with his future and how confident he was with it. I reached the saturation level when he joked about me not being clear and questioned about my abilities as a writer.

So this is my way of telling everybody who has questioned my abilities including myself that nothing can happen overnight and one must work hard towards achieving it. So it is safe to say that this has satisfied a small part of me and this whole epiphany gave me an idea for my article.

ps: This is my first article. So don’t be too harsh about it and also there is gonna be a lot of blabbering and random thoughts.